Let Us Take Care of it!

Working from home? Busy? Or just cherish your precious time? Sud Studs Mobile Detailing is the answer to all your problems! Well...maybe not all of them, but we’ll take care of cleaning your vehicles. Just call or book an appointment online and we will send experienced technicians to your home or office. Our mobile detailing unit is fully self contained with everything we need to make your car look better than when you bought it.


$135 Coupe (2door)
$150 Sedan
$175  SUV/Truck

•Hand wash and dry

•Interior vaccum

•Bug and tar removal

•Clean wheels and wheel-wells •Gloss tires

•Clean door jambs

•Windows, inside and out •Clean console and dash

•Vaccum interior

•Full wax


$200 Coupe (2door)
$225 Sedan
$250 SUV/Truck

•Exterior hand wash

•2 stage wax/polish

•Clean tires, rims and tire shine

•Windows, inside and out

•Full upholstery shampoo/vaccum

•Degrease and condition plastic and leather

$300 Coupe (2door)
$350 Sedan
$400 SUV/Truck

•Exterior and Interior hand wash

•Windows, inside and out

•Degrease and condition plastic and leather

•Claybar treatment

•3-step waxing process

(Compound, Polish, Wax) 

 •Crome polish

•Trim dressing

•Clean headliner

•Clean tires, rims, and tire shine

What We Do

Car Mobile Detailing

Boat Mobile Detailing

Fleet Mobile Detailing

Interested In Our Services?

Mobile Auto Detailing

Regular detailing is the surest way to maximize the life and value of your car. Our technicians are experienced with detailing every sort of vehicle, from the old to the new; from family vehicles to sports cars. The best part about our mobile detailing is we come to you and fit into your schedule!  We are the official car care provider of Lamborghini of Atlanta, but we are equally pleased to detail your everyday work car!

Mobile Boat Detailing

Boats are often neglected when it comes to details and other maintenance. At Sud Studs we believe detailing boats and another watercraft is just as important as detailing luxury vehicles. Our professional staff will take care of your boat, even at the lake, just like its a Ferrari.

Fleet Services

Our favorite jobs are the ones where we have the opportunity to form long-term relationships with our customers by caring for their vehicles on a regular basis. Whether you have a giant fleet of rental cars or are looking for a package for your 3 cars and boat, Sud Studs is ready and willing to go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Add-On Services

  • ★ Carpet Shampoo : $25-100

★Conditioner : $15-25

★Ceramic Coating : $100 - $200
★Clay Bar : $75-$150
★ Compound/
Oxidation Removal : $225-$400
★ Engine Cleaning : $50-$75
★ Surface Scratch Removal : $50-$200