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The Basic Detail, exactly what it sounds like- the basics. This Package is primarily  to help maintain the appearance of your vehicle.  This detail service is ideal for customers who like to keep a clean car. All interior surfaces are cleaned and includes a thorough vacuum (no shampoo or conditioner). The exterior of your vehicle gets meticulously cleaned before the wax treatment. The wax is then applied by an orbital buffer. Wax provides a protective layer over the exterior paint, it helps safeguard and preserve the exterior paint from Atlanta’s harsh weather elements.

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If you want to get technical:

Our Basic Detail, starts with removal of all bugs and tar. Next, the wheels and wheel-wells are cleaned and dressed. Then the exterior gets an intense hand wash and dry. After the exterior is cleaned and dried, we clean the door jambs, interior glass, console, dash cleaned, seats, door panels cleaned, and full interior vacuum. To top it all off, this detail service ends with a full wax treatment.

A La Carte Services and pricing

  • Paint Sealant ($150-$225) – Protects the paint and lasts up to 6 months.
  • Clay-Bar ($100-$500) – Removes imperfections from paint.
  • Compound ($200-$500) – Fills in scratches and smooths the paint before polishing and waxing. Also, ask your technician about our acid rain
  • compound.
  • Carpet Shampoo ($25-$75) – Shampoo interior carpets.
  • Sap Removal (Call or ask for quote) – Remove sap from car, can be difficult and time consuming if sap has been on the paint for long periods of time.
  • Headliner Cleaning ($15-50) – Steam clean the headliner of the vehicle.
  • Seat Cleaning ($20-$100) – Ask your technician for a quote.
  • Mat Shampoo ($25-$75) – Ask your technician for a quote.
  • Door Panels ($15-$40) – All Door panels of the vehicle will be cleaned and conditioned.
  • Dash clean & Protection ($10-$20) – The Dashboard will be cleaned and conditioned.
  • Leather Lotion ($15-$35) – Our premium leather lotion moisturizes and protects interior seats.
  • Odor Control ($50-$80) – Remove all odor from vehicle- ask your technician for a quote.
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