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Atlanta Area Boat Detailing

Boat detailing does more than simply clean and shine your craft; it protects your investment and significantly increases the lifespan of your boat.  If it ever comes time to sell or trade-in, a well-maintained, regularly detailed craft will hold its value far better than boats that have gone without.

Detailing protects your boat from sun and water damage, paint deterioration, rust damage, mold damage, cracked leather, and peeling vinyl. Sud Studs will wash, polish, and shine your boat to perfection, and we recommend this treatment at least twice per year. Our top-quality protective varnishes will give your boat the perfect glimmer, while protecting your investment for years to come.

Don’t leave your boat vulnerable to the elements. Call us today at 404.423.4550 for information or a free quote, and we will gladly take care of all your boat detailing needs.

Boat Detailing

Truck and Fleet Detailing

Whether your fleet is a personal collection, a hanger of airplanes, or a fleet of semi trucks or rental cars, we have the experience and resources to offer top-quality care at the best prices. We pride ourselves on our reliability and quality of customer service – You can depend on us to handle your regularly-scheduled appointments, so you never need to worry about the condition of your vehicles again.

Our Work: Right side Before, Left side After.

Regular detailing saves money in the long run.

Taking regular care of the exterior of your vehicle is an excellent way to preserve its long term value.  Not only can proper varnishing prevent rusting and other forms of auto body degeneration, but our staff are trained professionals who will easily recognize and deal with common problems that can impact the value of your cars.  Regular maintenance will ensure that you receive the absolute highest price when it comes time to trade in or upgrade your fleet.   Ask us about long term service arrangements, and we will do our best to create a package to fit your needs.

Polish and Buffering on Metal Trim: Left side before, Right side after.

Special Fleet Pricing

We offer special fleet rates for customers with multiple vehicles.  Whether you have three cars or three hundred, our technicians will visit your location at your convenience, and will give each vehicle the high standard of care it deserves. Call 404.423.4550 today to inquire about pricing, or to set an appointment for a technician to visit your location for a free quote.