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Mobile Detailing In Atlanta

Are you neglecting your vehicle because you don’t have time to get it cleaned?  Do you hate waiting at the car wash? Good news! Sud Studs can solve these problems! We can come to your home or office, at your convenience. Sud Studs will meticulously clean your car while you’re working, just enjoying your weekend at home, or just don’t feel like taking the time to go get it cleaned.


Why is Sud Studs the company to use in Atlanta?


Most people in Atlanta are busy and don’t have the time to properly take care of their vehicle(s). Our Atlanta customers enjoy the convenience of getting their automobiles detailed at their location, on their time. A few things most don’t know about car care and why it is important to maintain your vehicle, especially in a city like Atlanta: Harsh weather environments, Acid rain, and Parking garages.


Harsh weather conditions- Our services range from hand washes and interior detailing, to premium compound, polish, and wax treatments.  These treatments give each vehicle a brand new look and protection against the elements.


Acid Rain – Atlanta’s high pollution rate introduces contaminants into the rain. The acid in the rain can and will eat through your vehicle’s clear coat. Tip- Acid rain looks like dried water marks on the automobile that will not come off. We do offer an acid rain compound treatment, the sooner you try to fix the problem the better the chance of the acid rain treatment solving the issue.


Parking garages- Parking garages are supposed to be good for your vehicle, right? Yes, they protect you from the elements. Although, the pipes in the garages leak from time to time. When this liquid leaks onto your car, it creates similar damages as acid rain. Tip- Acid can be removed from the clear coat with a special acid remover compound. Also, if this happens to you- the property management company will likely pay for it. Be sure to call us!